How long have you sat today? No, really, have you only gotten up to get a snack? Have you gotten up to play with the kids?  Those long spells on your behind cause a slew of health problems and keep us from really connecting with family and loved ones.

We want to help you get out of that man-made box you call a home or office and step outside more often. Our 3 easy steps move you off the couch into the great outdoors. What will you find there?  Everything you have ever dreamed of!  Ok can't promise that but you will find peace, adventure, clarity, and a family bond stronger than you could imagine.  Take that first step with us and you won't be sorry!

3 Easy Steps to Getting Outside

Find an Activity

Find an activity that is right for your family and goals.  If you don’t love the outdoors yet, we will find something to change your mind!

Learn a Skill

Learn the basics and gain the confidence you need to get outdoors.  If you know where you are going it is a lot easier to get there.

Join a Community

Connect with other families just like you to get tips and encouragement to keep you having fun outside.  It’s better together.

Join the Challenge

Ready to see what the outdoors can do for you?

Take our 15 More Outside Challenge!  Just you and your family getting outside 15 minutes a day.  You can take a walk, enjoy some flowers, climb a tree... anything goes. 

The Challenge is going on right now with a book of 50+ activity ideas and photo contest. 

Upcoming Local Classes & Events


Earth Day @ Douglas County Fairgrounds

Catch us for all the Earth Day fun at the Douglas County Fairgrounds!

Spinner Building for Trout, Steelhead and Salmon

Few fishing baits can match the spinner in attracting fish and eliciting explosive bites. Make 5 of your own spinning lures and learn what conditions work best for each. Give the sand shrimp a rest and try some of these out for the salmon runs!

cactus thorns

Plant Wars - Preschool Explorers

Plants are just so defenseless…. Or are they? Come learn about the war against predators that plants wage every day.

cactus thorns

Plant Wars - Homeschool Class

Plants are just so defenseless…. Or are they? Come learn about the war against predators that plants wage every day.

Design a Monster - Preschool Explorers

Life comes in all shapes and sizes. Now play the game to design your own! Use knowledge about adaptations and food to design your own perfect monster.

Design a Monster – Homeschool Class

Croak, growl, a flash of colorful feathers, a mark on a tree… animals communicate just like people. But they do it in different ways. Let’s see how.

From the Blog

messy faces

Chocolate Colored Poop – Not Missing What’s Important

Poop.  Definitely poop.  Except, there is a candy wrapper on the floor in the kitchen.  And I can’t smell any foul odor from here.  But I am a little congested.  CRAP!  What is that brown turd-sized pile on the living room carpet?  Well I don’t see any flies.  But it is rather cold in here.  […]

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Safety Bearings – What, Why, and How for the Everyday Joe

SAFETY….. Cue the 80’s synthesizer music, big hair, cheesy plot lines and not-so-dramatic acting.  That is what comes to mind for most of corporate America when a person gets a memo reminding them of the “safety training” they must attend tomorrow-thirty. No one wants to go to a safety training! But that is one of […]

Nature Bingo

Nature Bingo Game Printable

I’m bored. There’s nothing to do outside. I hate walking.  Why do we have to hike?   Familiar?  I love to let my kids run wild outside but some days an organized activity is the only thing to get them moving. Enter Nature Bingo!  Easy and familiar.  These cards feature items found just about everywhere.  […]

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