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Having a hard time getting your family outside?

We hear ya!  With kids it feels like herding cats just to get them out the door.  Then this kid hates walking and the other thinks she is allergic to mud so everyone complains about the hike you just drove an hour to reach.  Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

We have 5 of our own kids and it can be daunting to be out and active.  So we put together the all-in-one local outdoor guide we wished for years ago.  All 10 outdoor places are perfect for families and and list everything you need to plan your outing.  And its free!  Just right for the busy family.

Here’s what you will find in the guide:

* 10 awesome Douglas County spaces
* Detailed directions & map of each location
* Travel time & distance
* Icons show in a quick glace which activities are available
* List of amenities and accessibility information for each location


Examining Nature Along the Trail

View of Cooper Creek


Now can you picture your family having a leisurely hike though an old growth grove?  Or taking a scenic picnic by the lake?  Maybe you would like to surround yourself with fluttering butterflies?  With all the amazing places in Douglas County and the benefits of the outdoors, there is no reason to stay in.  So grab your family guide and get outside!





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