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Step #1 in reaping the life-altering benefits of the outdoors is finding the right activity!  It's like a Goldilocks story. This activity is too hard, that one is too long, this one just scares the pants off me... We are looking for something just right.

Now is the time to stop sitting in that man-made box wishing for fresh air because those "just right" excursions are here.  We'll help you find the perfect outdoor adventure match for your competitive nature, time restraints, skill level, or car full of wee humans.

STEAM Outside Homeschool

Find a ton of outdoor learning activities in our STEAM Outside homeschool program!

Turn on the creative thinking, dust off your problem solving, and have fun.

Perfect Match Activities

Outdoor recreation is an iceberg term. It looks so simple at the top but it is extensive underneath. Hiking, biking, camping... those are just the tip. To us, it covers anything that gets you out and active. That's why we have 60+ outdoor activities on our list! (We're working on adding them. Check back soon for more.) And these are just to get you started. Explore some of them here, pick a category that tickles your fancy, or visit the full list.

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