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Photo of Orienteering

Orienteering is the competitive sport of navigation.  What other sport has vampire themed courses for Halloween, works with your feet, bike or skis, and hosts a world competition with thousands of people racing through the woods?  Fun + Life skills + Critical Thinking + Competition  (Photo from the International Orienteering Federation)



Photo of Snowkiting or Kite Skiing
Snowkiting or Kite Skiing

Don’t wait for high summer, break out that kite right now!  Kiteboarding meets winter sports for the winter challenge you have been looking for.

Half Day ActivitiesWinterModerate Skill ActivitiesSpecialty Gear Required

Photo of Snowshoeing

Embark on a winter hike without losing your feet in the snow.  Snowshoes have been used for thousands of years and now we use same that tried and true method for an all ages snowy adventure.

Beginner Family Friendly ActivitiesHalf Day ActivitiesWinterNo Skill RequiredSpecialty Gear Required



Photo of Standle Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)
Standle Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Just as it sounds, stand up paddle boarding gives you a full body workout as you stand on a board and paddle in the ocean or along a placid lake.  A relaxing way to enjoy the scenery and explore the water in a new adventure.

Half Day ActivitiesAny Season ActivitiesLittle Skill RequiredSpecialty Gear RequiredWater Activities


Photo of Zipline or Flying Fox
Zipline or Flying Fox

Touring a canopy, enjoying the playground, or part of a challenge course, ziplines are fun for all.  No special skills required, just go!

Beginner Family Friendly ActivitiesHalf Day ActivitiesAny Season ActivitiesNo Skill RequiredWheelchair Accessible