Iverson Memorial Park

Iverson Memorial Park Spotlight

Well here we are at the beginning of our blog adventure.  We are going to keep you updated all all the Douglas County outdoors.  So to start off here is a park spotlight.

Did you know that Douglas County has 50+ parks?  I’m sure you haven’t been to all of them so we will be spotlighting some for you to explore.

Iverson Memorial Park

Iverson Memorial Park

Although Iverson Memorial Park was dedicated in 1966, It is one of the lesser-known parks of Douglas County.  This park contains old-growth timber, hiking trails, an amazingly beautiful stream, and may be one of the most beautiful parks In the county.  It is also surrounded by pristine cathedral-like old growth where the marbled murulet and spotted owl have been detected.  This was the first time we had been out to the park and it was well worth the drive.  Immediately upon arrival, the kids scrambled out of the car and ran straight down the trail to the stream.  They then collected pine cones and bombarded us with questions about the mushrooms and many other natural wonders found within the park.

When you arrive at the park, there is a picnic table and large grassy area for the little monsters to play.  It is a nice place to bring the kids for a picnic to run about or there is plenty of space for a big get together.  Then you can head off to the trails!

Iverson Park picnic areaOff to the Trails at Iverson Park












Most of the park has wooded trails to explore.   There is a group known as the Friends of Iverson Memorial Park that has hosted mushroom picking outings at the park.  Also, Tenmile Creek  meanders through the park and looks like a stream straight out of the children’s movie “Fern Gully”.

Tenmile Creek at Iverson Park

So if you are looking for a place that is a little more wild, Iverson Park is the destination for you.  There is plenty of space for the kids to play and explore or you can walk along some peaceful trails.  NOTE: This park does not have a bathroom.  I know that can be a deal breaker for some people but plan accordingly.

The park is about 30 minute from Roseburg right off the Coos Bay Wagon Road.

There has been a lot of talk locally about the future of some of the Douglas County parks.  Currently the Friends of Iverson Memorial Park group and others are working to adopt this park.  If you are interested in joining that effort, please contact them.

5 thoughts on “Iverson Memorial Park Spotlight”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit Iverson Park and write a spotlight on this very special place. As well, thank you for linking to Friends of Severt Iverson Park. Folks can also visit our website at http://www.friendsofiversonpark.com and we will be at the Earth Day event in Roseburg on 16 April. Come say hello and learn more about how you can help us protect Iverson Park from clearcutting!

  2. We were glad to get out to the park to explore! The kids loved it and we are always ready to explore a new space. We will probably see you at the Earth Day event.

  3. Friends of Iverson Park would be glad to host any outdoor education class you want. Tenmile Creek is a wonderful riparian habitat that can serve as an outdoor lab for student’s use!

  4. Thanks! I think Tenmile Creek would be a really great place for a riparian study. Unfortunately a big consideration for a kids class is a bathroom. We have definitely considered Iverson park but that aspect puts it low on the list. We are currently talking with the county parks department to work out teaching at some of the parks.

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