Last Minute Fire Starter Gift for Father’s Day

Has Father’s Day snuck up on you?  Or maybe you just need a super easy gift for the kids to make?  Well you have come to the right place!  My kids were so excited to help make these super easy fire starters as a Father’s Day gift.  The whole project only takes less than 1 hour (depending on how fast your helpers are moving).

fathers day firestarters

And you don’t have to wait around for Father’s Day, these are a great gift for you favorite outdoor person anytime.  Plus there is a free printable label! 

What you need:

-paper egg carton
-cotton balls or *dryer lint
-broken crayons or other wax
-a clean, empty can
-small pot

*Dyer lint works great for this if it is from natural fabrics (like cotton).  If your dryer lint is from a lot of synthetic fiber clothes, the lint will just smolder and not burn.


Easy steps

1. Gather together all those old, broken crayons.  Peel all the wrappers off.  We sorted them a bit by color.

All of our sad, naked crayons
All of our sad, naked crayons

2. Put the crayons in your empty can and set in a small pot of boiling water.  Swirl the can a bit occasionally to mix the wax.  Keep heating until the crayons are all melted.

Now we are getting melty
Now we are getting melty

3. While the wax is heating, keep those kids busy putting the cotton balls or lint in the egg carton.

Loading the egg carton
Loading the egg carton

4. Once the wax is all melted, slowly pour wax over the cottonballs in the egg carton. (The wax is hot so this is definitely not a kid job.) Let the wax cool and then break the egg carton up.  Now you have your very own, super easy, firestarters!

And here they are! Easy homemade fire starters.
And here they are! Easy homemade firestarters.

For packaging, I let the kids all help color a paper bag to put the fires tarters in along with this label I made.  I think this is a great gift for anyone who likes to start fires for a cookout or camping so I made a few different labels to share.  They each print out to be about 4″ round.  Just click the image for the printable PDF.

fathers day labels

Have a great Father’s Day!


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