The Rainy Day Plan to Get You Outdoors

Its rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest and that means less outside time.  I love the outdoors but it is hard some days to get the kids all dressed in rain gear and then do the mud cleanup afterward.  Yesterday, I had a wee child create muddy footprints through the living room.

BUT… rainy time can be the BEST outdoor time ever!  Mud pies and puddles, snails and worms.  There are so many things to enjoy in the rain.  I want my kids outside enjoying that mud time even more than I want a clean house.

This is where the Rainy Day Plan comes in.

The Rainy Day Plan is your plan to make rainy outdoor days as easy, stress free, and ruined-carpet-less as possible.  Because, lets face it, the next few months are going to be pretty miserable with the kids locked inside all day.  So look at the plan and prepare yourself for outside adventure!

The Rainy Day Plan

The key to easy rainy day fun is a little pre-play planning.

Get the Gear

Seriously, you just need to have some kind of rain gear. I know that kids grow like weeds and it can be hard to keep up with boots, but the right outdoor gear makes it easy peasy to get outside.

You want:

-rain boots
-waterproof coat

There is other fancy rain gear around but these are the basics.  It is rainy every year so ideally you should shop the end of season sales in anticipation of the next rainy season.  Or hit thrift stores, Craigslist, local Facebook swap groups and discount outdoor stores.  One of my favorites for discount outdoor gear is

A boot tray from
A boot tray from

Designate a Muddy Shoe Space

The rule of my house is to take your muddy shoes off outside and leave them on the porch.  I have space for this but if you live in an apartment complex or somewhere where shoes have to be inside, you may want one of these handy boot trays.  I love these!  Boot trays are also great to use in a car if you have been away from home for your muddy adventure.

Even without a boot tray, you should designate a mat or some kind of space for wet and muddy shoes. Its much easier for kids to remember their shoes if there is a designated spot for them.

To-go Rain Bag

Create a rain bag you can grab and go or leave in the car for those spur of the moment rainy fun trips.  You can use a plastic bag or any other kind of waterproof bag to hold it all.  This is perfect for making sure your family trips don’t turn into wet and miserableness after all the fun is done.

Bag suggestions:

-a few old towels
-set of clothes for everyone (don’t forget yours!  I always get wet or muddy even when I don’t plan on it)
-extra waterproof bags for wet clothes
-baby powder (for getting wet sand off hands.  We’re always getting sandy.)

There may be other rain bag items that you consider essential so throw them in there!

Drying Towels

I don’t want to ruin my good towels anymore than I want to ruin my carpet.  I keep a stack of old bath towels handy for just such wet and muddy occasions.  Then I have no problem when they get stepped on or dragged through the mud by some little boy who has run back outside.  It is easy to just hose them down and wash them later.

Warm Up

Everyone appreciates a little extra warm treat after some wet and muddy play.  You may want to plan a supply of apple cider or one of these delicious homemade hot chocolate recipes.  I think peanut butter hot chocolate is on the menu soon over here!

Now Get Out There!

Have a great time!  Don’t worry so much about getting muddy and wet because you have planned ahead.  Just have a good time and make some memories.

playing outside in the rain


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Free Muddy Boot Printable

Everyone is (usually) good at remembering to take off muddies before coming in but you can make it even easier to remember by putting a sign at your designated rain boot spot.  We made this free 8x5x11″ printable to go with the Rainy Day Plan as an eye-catching reminder.


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