30-day 15 Minutes Outside Challenge

Somehow it is almost December and I’m pretty sure I’m in denial about the end of the year sneaking up on me already.  But here it is with Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales, a flurry of holiday decorating and gift buying, and then Christmas for our family or other major holidays for millions around the world.

I really love holidays.  I love the extra time with family, I love the snow (in small amounts), I love twinkly lights and bundling up on the couch for Christmas movies.

I do not love the stress that comes as well.  I try not to feel it but it comes around with every toy commercial that brings the kids begging or that Pinterest perfect Christmas party thrown by the neighbor. I hate that pressure and I know you do too.

This year is going to be different.  Our family is trying something new and we are inviting you to join us.

The 30-day 15 Minutes Outside Challenge

I know that don’t want to add a bunch of extra stuff for the holidays.  And 30 days seems like it is a looong time.  So let me tell you why this challenge is going to rock!

Outdoors are oh so Good for You!

If you haven’t taken a tour through our short Why Outdoors page, let me tell you that the outdoors should be your health BFF.  Being outdoors gets you more exercise, increases concentration, lowers blood pressure, can wake you up as much as a cup of coffee without the caffeine… The list is so long I cannot even go into it all here.  And these are not just wishful thinking.  There is actual science to back this up.  So if you always thought that going outdoors made you feel better, well you were right.

Less Stress

Taking time outdoors boosts your mood and decreases negative thinking.  We all need that, every day!

Improve Time with Family

The holiday seasons are supposed to be all about family.  Getting together to be thankful and celebrate.  But sometimes amid the rush of presents and food, we put that family time 2nd.  This challenge will help us focus a bit more on family each day.

It’s an All In One Challenge

There are alot of other challenges happening this time of year.  Decrease your stress, don’t get sucked into materialism, connect with family, get more exercise.  You could do a challenge for every one of those or you can gain all of that through this one challenge.  More time outside is your answer.

Let’s Talk Challenge

Now that you are pumped to join the challenge, let’s talk about the details.  To join the challenge you must:

Commit to going outdoors 15 more minutes a day until December 25th

That’s it! Short list, huh?  We just want you to spend 15 extra minutes outside each day in whatever form you choose.  If you already get outside a bit each day, we challenge you to add 15 minutes to that.  Pretty simple!

A challenge is always easier when you are doing it as a group.  So here are some other ways you can join in and make the challenge more successful

Join our email list.  We will be sending out easy ideas each week for getting outdoors.  You can join the list right here.  You will get your first email of outdoor ideas for all ages this Friday, November 25th.  It will be a great way to #optoutside from the Black Friday rush.

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Join our Facebook group.  Our Every Family Outdoors is a great space to talk about the fun and challenges of getting a family outside.  We’ll be talking about the challenge all month!  See what other families are doing to meet the challenge.  Just click on the link here to join.

Share on social media. You don’t have to give away your email or chime in to a special group to join the challenge.  Just dedicate yourself and follow along as we take the challenge too.  We’ll be talking about the ways our family is meeting the challenge on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  You can also use the tag #15moreoutside to show us your 15 minutes outdoors and share with your friends.

Get Outside!

We are so excited for you to join us!  I know this is going to make the holidays even better.  Please invite your friends and we can all get outside together.










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