Easy Last Minute Gifts to Get Anyone Outside

It’s here!  You need a super special gift for that super special someone.  And of course you want it to be an outdoor gift, a gift that will encourage them to adventure and enjoy the benefits of extra time outside.  Ok, maybe that isn’t your top criteria for gift selection but I think you would pick these anyway.

These gifts

  • encourage outdoor time
  • easy to make
  • quick for the last minute
  • should be able to find supplies locally

Let’s get to it!

Subscription boxes

There are some really fun and unique subscription boxes out there these days!  These boxes come in all shapes and varieties.  You just pay for the box or package and it arrives on your door regularly.  Price and delivery depend on the box but usually you pay for a box monthly to get it delivered monthly filled with goodies.  These prices are for individual box but you save a bit of money when you order more at once.

Subscription box example from Isle Box

Isle Box – outdoor gear, $45/month, delivered monthly

A variety of gear such as water proof cases, trail food, fire starters and hydration.  There is a little something for all outdoor skill levels.  They have monthly, seasonal, or one time box options.

Postfly – flies and flyfishing essentials, $19/month, delivered monthly

Pick which type of fish or fly tying equipment you prefer.  “Flyfishing essentials” means it also includes gear like leaders and tippets.  This sounds like the PERFECT flyfisherman gift.  I know because I live with one and he was stinkin’ excited about this.

Fun Run Box – running gear for all levels, $35/month, delivered monthly

To keep your running motivation up, get this runner box.  The box will get you not only gear but challenges as well.  Pick a subscription based on your running level and even specify shirt, sock, bicep, and calf size for gear fit to you.

Our Little Roots – grow your own garden for kids, $12.95/month, delivered monthly

The only subscription box I could find to actually get kids outside!  The box comes with the seeds, soil, pot, and planting guide to start a new little plot each month.  Choose to get vegetable, herb, or flower seeds.  Even if you grow the seeds in your windowsill, you can get together outside to plant them.

DIY Outdoor Gifts

Homemade gifts are really the most memorable.  My kids are happier with a fort made of boxes than what actually came in the boxes.  Make an impression with these easy and fun gift ideas.

Homemade Marshmallow Shooters

Kids and marshmallow shooters go together like PB&J.  Instead of making the shooters yourself, you can put together this kit for the kids to assemble themselves.  And if your gift is for a kid at heart, they are still a great time.  Find the printable assembly instruction from Thrifty and Thriving.

Marshmallow Shooter Kit from Thrifty and Thriving


Garden Tic Tac Toe

A few rocks and a little paint and you have a fun garden Tic Tac Toe.  You can do the usual X’s and O’s or switch it up with any other fun painting.  Here is a little inspiration from Thrive 360 Living.

Garden Tic Tac Toe from Thrive 360 Living

Natural Blocks

A little cutting and sanding is all you need for natural outdoor blocks!  Almost any wood will do from logs to thick branches or leftover scrap wood from other projects.  They work best if they are different sizes and shapes like these from The Enchanted Tree.  You should read that whole post for more ideas about a natural play space.

Natural blocks from The Enchanted Tree

Ponytail Hat

I have seen these hats everywhere!  Isaac does not see the appeal but he has no hair so what does he know?  I found a roundup of free crochet patterns on Yarn Ballin’ that you can browse through.

Crocheted ponytail hat patterns from Yarn Ballin’


The Gift of Outdoor Time

A super simple but amazing outdoor gift is TIME.  Time to connect, time to destress, time to exercise.  No time spent outdoors is wasted!  If you want your gift of time to be a little fancier, head over to the The Wild Network to print out this Christmas wild time certificate.

Wild time certificate from The Wild Network


Merry Christmas!

Whatever gifts you choose for the season, we hope that we encourage you to spend a little more time outside.  We appreciate all of you in every season and hope your have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!

See you Outside!







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