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Your GPS is useless.

One cutting edge smartphone smashed on the rocks when you slip, a battery you were positive you just charged but now it is blinking red.  Well, that fancy-shmancy tech is now just dead weight.  Don’t get caught without a backup when useless happens to you.

You always need to take a map.

We have said it before and now we are saying it again but with a tutorial!  Yes!  Now there is no excuse for your mapless ways! (Ok, except if you are outside the US, Canada, or New Zealand.  We’re trying to get more resources to you soon.) Tutorial

This video tutorial is for using to print a map quickly at home on 8.5×11″ or A4 paper.  So convenient that you are again without an excuse.


0:44- Finding your location
2:30 – Which map to use?
5:22 – Printing the map


Available Maps

Caltopo currently has topographical maps for the U.S., Canada, and New Zealand.

Canadian maps are on the base layers: USGS 7.5, NR Canada, and CanMatrix.

New Zealand maps are on the base layer: USGS 7.5

Yes you may expect that the USGS layer would be just US maps.  But Canada and New Zealand have been integrated on there as well.

Paid Options and Advanced Features

This tutorial is the down and dirty method for easily printing a map.  But has so much more!  We will be exploring more advanced features in the future because this is a robust program.  A lot of work under the hood by Matt Jacobs.  We thank him so much for this!

If you would like to support Caltopo and get access to more features like large scale printing, you can find more information about the paid options here.

Use Your Map

We talked about how to use a compass and next we will pair our new compass skills with our quick and easy maps to take a safety bearing.  Don’t know what a safety bearing is?  I promise you want to know so stay tuned!

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