Nature Bingo

Nature Bingo Game Printable

I’m bored.

There’s nothing to do outside.

I hate walking.  Why do we have to hike?


Familiar?  I love to let my kids run wild outside but some days an organized activity is the only thing to get them moving.

Enter Nature Bingo!  Easy and familiar.  These cards feature items found just about everywhere.  Plus real photos for easier matching and discussion.

But easy and familiar can also mean BORING!  So we have a few ideas for you to change it up and maybe learn a thing or two as well.

Mystery Bingo

Instead of looking for the item from the Bingo card, choose one our “mystery” descriptions and let the kids guess the answer.

“I am actually a crustacean, just like a crab!  But I don’t live in the water.”

Can you guess the answer? 

Ready for the Answer?
Pill Bug. Now did you get that one right?

nature bingo game for kids

Other Educational Ideas

  • Compare the similarities and differences between the photo on the card and what you have actually found.  Are they different colors?  Sizes?
  • Are there any items on the card that you don’t have in your area?  The items are pretty general but maybe your desert region has few dragonflies.  Talk about why they are missing.
  • Throw some math in!  Keep track of how many of each item you find.  Why are there more of some than others?

We’ve designed these to be as versatile as your family.  I know there are more ways to explore and would love to see how you are using them.  Tag us in a photo on Facebook or Instagram, send us a Tweet, or shoot us an email with all the fun details.

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