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Safety Bearings – What, Why, and How for the Everyday Joe

SAFETY….. Cue the 80’s synthesizer music, big hair, cheesy plot lines and not-so-dramatic acting.  That is what comes to mind for most of corporate America when a person gets a memo reminding them of the “safety training” they must attend tomorrow-thirty.

No one wants to go to a safety training!

But that is one of the most common reasons people give as to why they do not take their kids into the wilderness.  They feel unsafe!  People are afraid their children will get lost or hurt.  Now it is true that many people have lost their children at one time or another whether in the grocery store, the park, or their dirty bedroom.  But it can be truly frightening to lose them in the wilderness.

Well, fortunately for you I had my camera with me when I was in a situation where I had gotten lost……. And no there will be no big hair, or 80’s synthesizer music, but I can’t make any promises about cheesy plot lines or dramatic acting.

The point is that I will show you how to never be completely lost again!

WHAT?  Is that even possible?

Yes it is.  I am going to show you how to never be lost again by………. SPOILER ALERT………using a safety bearing.

Now a safety bearing has nothing to do with taking off ones clothes to be safe (sorry about the shameful pun) (was that a pun within a pun?  Yes it was).  A safety bearing is a direction or bearing that a person can use no matter where they are that will lead them to safety.  It’s that simple.  But rather than make you practice your reading skills, check out my videos where I will teach you how to find and use a safety bearing.  Your welcome!

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