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Chocolate Colored Poop – Not Missing What’s Important

Poop.  Definitely poop.  Except, there is a candy wrapper on the floor in the kitchen.  And I can’t smell any foul odor from here.  But I am a little congested.  CRAP!  What is that brown turd-sized pile on the living room carpet?  Well I don’t see any flies.  But it is rather cold in here.  None of the kids seem to have brown smudges on their faces.  But it wouldn’t be the first time a chocolate-colored poop stain made its way onto my child’s lips.  UGH!  Brown mysterious chunks are the worst!  Maybe if I ignore it my wife will find it and take care of the mess.  I better practice my surprised face.

Chocolate Colored Poop (CCP)

Every parent has faced a chocolate colored poop emergency at least once in their careers.  If you haven’t yet stared down a mysterious pile of brown somethingness, your kids got to it first…..  Chocolate colored poop as it turns out is a very distracting substance that blinds the beholder causing irrational behavior.  I call it the CCP principle.  When faced with a gooey pile of CCP, people become so distracted with its origin, that they forget to do something about –  it such as clean it up.  Now the same thing happens frequently in our lives.  We easily become distracted by things that don’t matter and forget to do the things that do matter.

The moral of chocolate colored poop?  Don’t miss out on important things because you are too busy analyzing the details.

A life covered in poop

Distractions and excuses are the biggest reasons we fail to take action in our lives.  How many of us have a list of things we should do but don’t because we are distracted by things that don’t really matter?  Welcome to 2017.  Possibly the most distracted year in the history of the planet.  Thirty years ago, the biggest distraction was the opinion column in the local newspaper and reruns of Matlock.  Today, you don’t even have to leave your chair to find an infinite number of super distracting media on your phone, tablet, watch, eyeglasses, laptop, and even your fingernail (hey it could happen).  But what is our endless media stream distracting us from?  A healthy fulfilling life!

A life without poop

More and more science-backed research shows outdoor recreation is not only important but essential for confidence, stress relief, natural therapy, exercise, problem solving etc., etc., etcera!  So why do so many people admit that spending time outdoors is good, then binge watch My Little Pony on Netflix?  Chocolate colored poop, that’s why!  Because they become distracted with the fears and challenges of going outside.  Decide that sitting is easier, and better tasting.

Let us help you scoop your poop

Is there any hope you may be asking?  How can I overcome the distractions, excuses and barriers to taking my family outside?

Well, the whole purpose of Tyee Outdoor Experience is to help people like you and me with this very real problem.  To help families go outside!

And we consider it 3 steps:

  1.  find an activity
  2.  learn a skill
  3.  join a community.

Step-by-step it is simple to get outside.  For the next three blog posts, we will guide you through the three steps (one step per week) of outdoor mastery.  YAY!


Step 1 – Find an activity

A wise man once said “Don’t like the outdoors you say?  You just haven’t found the right activity”! 

Okay fine I was the one who said it but I believe it with my whole slightly aged 38-year-old body.  Why do I believe this?  Because I have seen it over and over again.  People who claim to hate the outdoors find that it is not the outdoors that they hate, but the fear, boredom, or frustration they feel when they are out there.

I am extremely confident there is an outdoor activity for everyone.  It’s not all camping, hiking, and fishing you now.

For this reason, the good folks at TOE (mainly my wife) have compiled a list of outdoor activities.  It includes a description, and basic information such as necessary training, gear, typical cost, and many other useful details.  You can just browse through and see what find you and your family.

We are continually adding new activities but have found literally hundreds of things you can do outside.  And this list will be sortable according to attributes in the details.  Cool huh!  So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s find an activity!

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Jump to the Activity Page


*no poop was injured in the making of this blogpost!

**although I did eat plenty of chocolate….at least I think it was chocolate.

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