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Forget Being Outdoorsy, These Skills are for Everyone

Chocolate covered poop. Yeah, that really is how we introduce things around here.

Last week, that is how we introduced you to our 3 steps for getting outside. Well in the logical progression, this week welcomes Step 2 – Learn a Skill.

*To read more about Step 1 and chocolate covered poop jump over here. Isaac really outdid himself on this one.

Now, I know you are thinking “Outdoor skills are for those outdoorsy people.  That’s not me.”
And you have that stereotypical outdoor person image in your mind. You could just pick them out of a lineup and it sure isn’t you.

Luckily for people like us, that stereotype falls flat just like any other. You don’t have to fit the outdoorsy description to enjoy getting outside or even to pick up some essential outdoor skills. Think of these skills as less “Hike a zillion miles while living off the land” and more “Take my kids outside without getting lost”.

We’re not here to mold you into a stereotype. We’re here to teach you skills that will make outdoor time fun and safe.

Then what type of skills do you need?

Psst, technically you don’t need any! Yeah, you heard right. If you are playing with the kids in the backyard or enjoying the sound of birds singing in the morning, those aren’t really a high skill pastime.

When you want to take on a little more adventure, some skill is required.  You can work it out on your own with the burnt hot dogs and 5 extra miles to the hike because you KNOW this is the shortcut.

Or let us help you and skip all that!

Outdoor cooking, wilderness survival, spinner fishing, photography … it is going to be a good time!

What to learn right now

Right now this very minute, we videos ready to teach you the #1 don’t-leave-home-without-it skill.


It really is that important. Google “lost hikers” right now and you will agree with me. Those stories don’t even include lost hunters, the people who got sort of lost but muddled through in the end, or the ones who blindly followed a GPS into deep trouble.

Start with this video on the very basic skill of holding a compass.  I promise you got this!

Then you can jump over to Learn a Skill page to explore all the other great skills we have to offer.

Explore the Skills Page

We’ll make learning new outdoor skills as easy as pie (we may even learn to cook pie!) so don’t hold back now. You never know what you are missing until you give it a try.

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