mistake that keeps you on couch

One BIG Mistake that Keeps You on the Couch

Raise of hands:  Do you ever read a fantastic blog post or catch a video on Facebook and say “Wow, that looks exciting/so healthy/essential I need to do it!  …. And then you never do anything.

Yes, me!  All.  The.  Time!

So when you learn about the zillion ways the outdoors are good for you and all the benefits it has for kids as well: increased concentration, stress relief, improved mental and physical health – you just want to jump into that.  Get you and your family outside to reap all those benefits.

But the road to couch-potato-ville is paved with good intentions (I’m pretty sure that is how the saying goes).

I am a self-confessed exercise hater.  I like getting out and active for a fun activity but the moment it is some organized form of exercise I hate it.  But… when I have a friend knocking on my door at 5:45 am to go walking, I WILL be out of bed and ready to go.  Why?  So we can support each other, so I don’t let her down.

The lesson from this little confession highlights that one big mistake that is keeping you on the couch.  Thinking that your self motivation is enough and you don’t need any help.

We all need support

Good intentions and self motivation only take you so far.  Its easier to continue doing what you’ve been doing.  To really make a lifestyle change, you need support just like my friend knocking my door down in the morning.

Now “lifestyle change” sounds dramatic like I want to change your wardrobe and make you stop eating all your favorite things.  But what I am talking about, is moving your current lifestyle OUTSIDE.  Keep doing what you like doing, just take it outside.  And try something new too because it is going to be fun.

We want to be that someone – encouraging you forward.  You know, through the miracle of the internet instead of at your front door.

Every Family Outside

Our last few blog posts have been Step 1 and Step 2 of getting outside.  And this is Step 3 – getting that motivational support through community.  Because we humans love communities or else Facebook wouldn’t be taking over the world.  We like to be social and have friends encouraging us along.

Now where do we find the right community for getting outdoors more?  Well, we suggest you start with ours!

You can ask all those burning outdoor questions (like what is glamping?), learn about what “the experts” say about outdoor health benefits, get the low down on gear do’s and don’ts and have a good time with people just like you and me.

every family outside

Find a Local Group

To actually get some face-to-face group interaction, local groups are the best!  There will be local get togethers and you will have hiking/rock hunting/whatever partners.  Plus it seems like there is group for about anything under that sun.  And if there is not you can start your own.

The only drawback to this, is that you kind of need to know what you like to do (or might like to do) outside to find the right group.  Our Facebook group is a catch all for any families who like to go outside.  Local groups are a little more specific.  So if you perhaps skipped Step 1 (Finding an Activity), you should head there first to find an activity before you strike out to find a group to go with it.

Places to look for outdoor groups:

Facebook.  There are a ton of them.  To search for local groups, head to the left hand sidebar and under “Explore” click groups.  This page should show you a few different lists of groups, one labeled “Local”.  So get to exploring!

Meetup.com.  This site is just what it says, local groups meeting up for all kinds of fun.  They even have a section specifically for Outdoors & Adventure.

The Mighty Search Engine.  Yup just choose your favorite search engine and type in your interest.  Many local groups do not have a formal website so it still could be easier to find them on social media.

Word of Mouth.  The old fashioned way still works.  Talk to your friends and see what groups they are a part of or have heard about.  Check with the local Visitor’s Center or newspaper for local events that are run by local groups.


Just be open to making friends and trying something new!  We just tried out a new group this year with our local rock and mineral group. They put on a rock show each year and it was so much fun!  You may think of a rock show being a bunch of retired people swapping rocks and rock hunting stories but they had a ton of activities for the kids and gave out quite a few cool rocks.  And every kid loves rocks so it was a huge hit.

So get out there and social!  See you outside.

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