tentacles and tails

DIY Tentacles & Tails Tutorial

Princesses and superheros.

They are everywhere.  There is nothing wrong with the occasional princess and superhero but kids need some imaginative variety in their dressup closet.  So enters the Do-it-yourself tentacles and tails.


This is the elusive 6-tentacled silly pants.  He is a rare monster that feeds on the laughter of happy children.  It is said that he can see through walls, and knows when candy has entered the house without even seeing it! 

Extreme caution should be taken around this creature.




The long-tailed stinky bottamus is a distant cousin to the more common short-tailed saggy britches. 

It is a lovable creature that enjoys prancing around the yard in its “Skivvys”.


  • Pool noodles
  • 3/4” PVC pipe
  • Drill & drill bits
  • Saw
  • Knife
  • Rope, string or cord

This is a very flexible project.  For the tentacles and tail pictured, we used

  • 4 pool noodles
  • 24.5 in (62.5cm) of PVC
  • 5/16 in (8mm) drill bit
  • Paracord


Cut the PVC pipe into 3.5 in (8.9 cm) segments.  Sand the ends down a bit so they are not too rough.

Drill a hole through both sides of the pipe.  The hole should be large enough to fit your rope, string, or cord.  We used a double strand of paracord so the hole was 5/16 in (8mm).


The Noodles

Using a sharp knife, cut the pool noodles in half for the tentacles.

You can also cut them down for different tail lengths or leave it LOONG for a very large tail.

Put it All Together

Now thread your rope, string, or cord through the holes in the PVC. Make sure there is enough rope to go around the waist of your dressup kid. After you thread the pvc onto the rope, put a knot on both ends of the rope so the pvc doesn’t slide off.

Now just slip the pool noodles onto the PVC. They fit snuggly enough so the noodles don’t fall off. And you are ready to play!!



We used these for monster parts in our Design a Monster Lesson but I’m sure such creative people as yourselves can delve into all sorts of fun with them!

If you really want to go all out, you could make fabric tubes to go around the pool noodles to really look like tentacles or tails.  I’m keeping that in mind for Halloween!

Try it out!  I promise the kids will think it is hilarious to run around with a few more appendages.  Kids are funny like that.

And if you do build some tentacles and tails, make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@tyeeoutdoor) so we can enjoy the fun too.

See you outside!!


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