stick projects for kids

Stick Projects for Kids

After a stint playing in the backyard or off on one of our family adventures, it is always a game of what “favorite” thing they have brought in now.  The perfect stick, the 10 rocks they just can’t live without, the best worm friend ever that is now living in a coat pocket…  Have you ever pulled a worm out of a coat pocket?

I love that my kids are in awe of the natural world around them but with 5 of them bringing in these loads of new treasures every time they leave the house, it is a little overloading.  So to be proactive about it, I’ve been on the lookout for projects to actually use all these treasures.

Today it’s sticks.  What can we do with all those sticks?  Luckily, there are some superbly creative parents out there to give use some ideas for stick projects for the kids.


Rainbow Wind Chimes from Happy Hooligans


nature weaving craft

Nature Weaving from Craftiments


stick men from

stick man crowns

A few projects inspired by the Stick Man book by Julia Donaldson like these Stick Men from on Instagram or Stick Crowns from Mamma Miss



Wall art like this Twig Heart Canvas from Red Ted Art


twig and string art ornaments

Twig String Art Ornaments  from Pink Stripey Socks


Stick-Raft-Building-STEM-challengeAdd a little STEAM with Stick Raft Building from Kids Craft Room



Stick Star Mobile  from Happy Hooligans


colorful walking sticks

Colorful Walking Sticks  from Choose Cartons


painted stick instrument



Plus stick instruments like this Painted Stick Instrument from Two Daloo or a Tambourine Stick from Oh! Rubbish!


Well there are some projects to get us started!  I know my kids will want to make some instruments so we will have to be on the lookout for just the right stick.  I’m sure they can handle it 😉

We’d love to see what stick creations you kids are making so give use a shout out on social media!

See you outside!Save




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