rock projects and games for kids

10 Rock Projects and Games for Kids

My kids have never met a rock they didn’t like.  “Look at this beautiful rock Mommy!” is their favorite phrase.  Rocks are in the laundry, filling their pockets, in piles outside, scattered all over their room… You get the idea.

So what do we do with all these beautiful rocks that they just cannot live without?  Well here are 10 rock projects and games to put that massive collection to good use.

Memory Rock Garden

One thing we have done is create a rock garden space to remind us of all the fun places we have adventured.  Their are those pumice rocks we picked up near Crater Lake.  That beautiful pink granite we round at the last family reunion.  The kids love to look at those rocks and the memories that come with them.


Photo Holders

A little paint and wire will give you some great photo holders! Like these examples from One Little Project and Organize and Decorate Everything.  The rocks don’t have to be smooth for this one.

Photo from One Little Project


rock photo holders kid poject
Photo from Organize and Decorate Everything

Painted Rocks

Painting rocks is always a winning solution!  Paint them and keep them or paint them and share them.

rock painting

rock painting band

Check out The Kindness Rocks Project to see how people are spreading messages of kindness and hope one rock at a time.  If you kids aren’t old enough to paint a message, they can still paint and share.

kindness rocks project
The Kindness Rocks Project


Rock Art

Another easy rock art option is to forget the paint and create some scenes and pictures with your rocks.  Get creative here!

rock art bird and flowers

Pet Rock

Break out the googly eyes, glitter paint, and pom poms!  This is a classic activity for a reason.  The kids love to make their own pets.


Games & Learning

Tic Tac Toe

Use rocks to make this on-the-go game.  I love that is has a bag with the game board.  Jump over Balancing Home to see how she made them.

Photo from Balancing Home

African Strategy Game

Once you learn the rules to this Nigerian game, you can play it anywhere with just some rocks and sticks! What a great game from Creative Star Learning.  You can head to their post here for the rules.

african math game rocks and sticks
Photo from Creative Star Learning

Stepping Stones

Use your rocks to decorate garden stepping stones.  These are pretty easy to make and are a great addition to your yard of garden.  You can use the the rocks in a kid created design like these from or make some numbers for hopscotch stepping stones like these from Garden Therapy.

You’ll notice I put this under the “games & learning” section instead of art because it can be both!  You can put them into a hopscotch pattern or add letter and number.  So many great opportunities.

DIY kid stepping stones
Photo from
Hopscotch Stepping Stones
Photo from Garden Therapy

Alphabet & Number Rocks

There are a million learning opportunities with alphabet and number rocks.  Create a number line, practice math, spell words…  I love the construction site alphabet rock activity from The Imagination Tree.

construction truck alphabet rocks
Photo from The Imagination Tree

Rock ID Key

I know with all those rocks the kids bring in they also bring the question of “what is it?”.   So you can use this Rock Identification Key to answer that very question!

Now this one isn’t free but it is our most popular resources.  It will help you identify most common, backyard rocks and it gives you a quick lesson on different rock properties to look for.  This is good for elementary and up.

backyard rock identification key

You can purchase it in our shop for only $4.  So next time you head out on a rock hunt, you’ll know what you are getting.


Now that we have given you a few ideas to start, what are your favorite rock projects?  Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @TyeeOutdoor to show us what you are creating!

See you outside!


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