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Nature Hair Art – Easy Nature Art for Kids

Uh oh!  Bad hair day?  How about NO hair day?

All of these people are suffering from a seriously embarrassing no hair day.  So lets take it outside and help ’em out!  Add any kind of natural materials to these 10 faces to save them from a hair-tastrophy.

Easy, fun kid art activity.  They’ll love it!

Print out the art face

We have 10 free designs or you can draw your own faces.  Also, collect some glue for your project.

hair art supplies

Collect natural materials

You can use just about anything.  Leaves, sticks, barks, mud, grass, flowers…

leaves and supplies

Create your masterpiece!

Get creative.

hair art2

hair art3


Or you can download all our freebies in one place in our Free Membership.  We have a whole bunch of goodies in there!

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