candy catapult

Candy Catapult Challenge

The days after Halloween are always filled with candy.  You eat all the good stuff and have a pile that is still around to hand out to next year’s trick-or-treaters. 🤢

Well now you can put that nasty to good use teaching STEAM!  Let’s launch that stuff with a candy catapult!

1st – Collect Supplies

We keep a tote bucket of “maker” supplies.  Jars and jugs, paper towel tubes, scrap wood, boxes, rubber bands, and other odds and ends.

DON’T BUY ANYTHING!  That is against the only rule we have for the challenge.

Only rule: Use what you have on hand

You can get creative with what you have right? (That would be the “A” in STEAM)

2nd – Launch that Candy!

Use that catapult on your candy.  Shoot it at to your siblings.  Just go for it!

Remember to take pics or a video and tag us on social media @tyeeoutdoor.  We want to see your creations.

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