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Improve Your Life Through Outdoor Experiences

Where you one of those outdoor kids? If not, you could have a hard time starting out on your own. You can take a class to learn how to catch a steelhead, but who will teach you how to tie the fishing knots or how to put a worm on a hook?  And where do you even start with teaching your own kids to love the outdoors?

Tyee Outdoor Experience is here for you! We want to help you get outdoors, whether you just need a refresher on your fishing cast or you have never stepped foot on a trail in your life. Our mission is to get families into the outdoors and break the indoor cycle.

What is with the name? Tyee is a locally familiar word but you might not have heard it before.  Tyee is pronounced Tie-ē and means leader, boss, or chief.  It comes from Chinook jargon which was a mixed language between Native Americans and traders here in the Northwest.  We chose it for our business as a mix of the local heritage and to help lead you to outdoor experiences that will improve your live and family.


Meet the Team

Tyee Outdoor Experience is the culmination of a life love of the outdoors by husband and wife team Isaac and Stephanie Ashby. Get to know us and see why we want to share the outdoors experience with you.


Isaac and pet Snakey
Isaac and pet Snakey


Isaac AshbyEducation director, naturalist, and camera addict

My love of the outdoors started young when I would sneak off to go hiking and fishing and trailing deer to see just how close I could get. It about gave my mom a heart attack but being outside is all I have ever wanted to do and sitting at a desk gives me cabin fever.

I received a Wildlife Science degree at Utah State University in Logan, Utah which was also a great place to indulge in all my favorite hobbies like fly fishing, hiking, and camping. It also gave me the life changing opportunity to fulfill a teaching term at the local nature center. I had years of experience teaching Big Band Swing dance classes but never seriously considered combining my talent for teaching with my passion for the outdoors. I enjoyed connecting with the kids and families and helping them connect with the world around them.

Fast forward nine years and two states to Roseburg, Oregon. The outdoor opportunities here are amazing but what do people do most? Go hiking, go to the coast, and visit Crater Lake.   Tyee Outdoor Experience is a way for me to show the world (or… maybe just you, the people of Douglas County) what can be found right in your own back yard. It meshes together my love of the outdoors, my teaching experience, and my years of recreation hobbies into a passion for connecting people with the outdoors. I want to share it with you so come take a look at what is all around you, pick my brain, and listen to all my crazy outdoor stories and punny jokes. (You will hear more of those too.)


Steph Big Fish
Stephanie and the big one

Stephanie AshbyBusiness director, chief money stacker, and super class sidekick

I also started young in the outdoors. Some of my earliest memories are fishing with my dad, trekking through the trees on a trip to the mountain, or looking through the Wyoming Wildlife magazine. You could say it is in the blood.

At the same time, I am a bit of a homebody and a busy momma.  So I feel that pull in different direction with all the indoor chores, chauffeuring, and kid herding I do and my love of taking time outside.   I know you are there too and the struggle is real.

So I fight the good fight because I want my kids to know the outdoors just like I did. It is worth it.  It is a completely different outdoors here in rainy Oregon than in Wyoming but the feelings are the same. Quality time with the family, freedom to explore and question, opportunities to get muddy and have a little adventure… those last a lifetime.




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