scientific method

Teaching Kids the Scientific Method

Have you ever put together a piece of furniture using instructions that were translated into English by someone who learned to speak English by reading a Sports Illustrated magazine from the 70’s?  Talk about confusing!  To many people, this is what they feel like when trying to read and use science. In a previous article, […]

The Death of Science

The smell alone was enough to alert the entire school that something VERY dead was close by.  As I rounded the corner, I saw a large group of students gathered around a locker plugging their noses and laughing.  The obvious pranksters were giving high fives in the background while the recipient of the grisly joke […]

Photography for the Soul

The thundering of hooves charging towards me that fall afternoon should have ended my fledgling career as a photographer.  As a fourteen year old adventurer, I had carefully crawled through the dense brush in hopes of photographing the resting elk herd.  Unfortunately, spooked by an unknown antagonist, the herd bolted for safety in my direction.  […]

The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse is here!   For several days I have heard they not only exist but are multiplying by the thousands.  I don’t believe in zombies.  Zombies aren’t real.  How wrong I was.  It took ten minutes on campus of my local community college before I spotted the first zombie, or rather, pack of zombies.  […]