tentacles and tails

DIY Tentacles & Tails Tutorial

Princesses and superheros. They are everywhere.  There is nothing wrong with the occasional princess and superhero but kids need some imaginative variety in their dressup closet.  So enters the Do-it-yourself tentacles and tails.   Supplies Pool noodles 3/4” PVC pipe Drill & drill bits Saw Knife Rope, string or cord This is a very flexible […]

Nature Bingo

Nature Bingo Game Printable

I’m bored. There’s nothing to do outside. I hate walking.  Why do we have to hike?   Familiar?  I love to let my kids run wild outside but some days an organized activity is the only thing to get them moving. Enter Nature Bingo!  Easy and familiar.  These cards feature items found just about everywhere.  […]