How big should a baby wrap be?

What size should baby wraps be?

The standard size for baby wraps sold in baby shops is about 80cm x 80cm. We believe this is too small to wrap even a newborn baby, and is the main reason most babies escape from their wrapping and wake up.

How long is the fabric for a baby wrap?

Gather your supplies. You will need two rings made specifically for babywearing, 2.25 yards of fabric, a sewing machine, pins, thread, measuring tape, and an iron. Your fabric is going to be wider than you need, so first cut the fabric so it is 28 inches wide and still 2.25 yards in length.

What is the width of a baby wrap?

Woven wraps come in seven sizes, each size is a specific length which can be used for different carries. Woven wrap sizes are determined by the length of the fabric, the width is always the same. For an Oscha sling, the width will generally be between 61-70cm.

Do baby wraps come in different sizes?

Woven wraps come in different sizes: Size 1 (2.2m); Size 2 (2.6m); Size 3 (3.2m); Size 4 (3.6m); Size 5 (4.2m); Size 6 (4.6m); Size 7 (5.2m); Size 8 (5.6m).

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How do you measure a wrap size?

The length of a wrap is measured all along one of the hems, from the tip of the taper point along to the end of that hem. Wraps are parallelograms (squashed rectangles), so although the two long ends don’t sit directly above each other, then both measure exactly the same.

How big should a muslin wrap be?

Also known as baby squares or muslin wraps, baby swaddles are great at multitasking. Made of 100% soft, absorbent, breathable cotton, Brolly Sheets swaddles measures 120 cm x 120 cm. Just check your sizes when ordering from others as many other companies make them smaller. They come in a cute range of patterns.

How much fabric do you need for a baby wrap?

You’ll want to purchase more than 5 yards however, since you’ll need to have excess fabric that you’ll be hemming. So 6 yards to be safe. Iron, pin, and hem the edges. Even if you aren’t much of a seamstress, you can do a simple hem: fold over the edge twice, and sew a simple line.

How much fabric do I need for a baby sling?

Most ring slings are around 75-85 inches long, which is why it takes around 2.5 yards of fabric.

How long is a size 8 baby wrap?

Any pre-orders will offer woven wraps sized 1-13, and ring slings sized XS-5XL.


Wrap Size Length (Meters) Length (Inches)
Size 6 4.6 meters 182 inches
Size 7 5.2 meters 205 inches
Size 8 5.6 meters 221 inches
Size 9 6.2 meters 244 inches

What can you do with a size 2 Wrap?

Here are some carries I can do with a size 2 wrap (click to see the tutorial page for each carry):

  • Front Traditional Sling Carry.
  • Hip Traditional Sling Carry.
  • Back Traditional Sling Carry.
  • Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry.
  • Front Reinforced Torso Sling.
  • Kangaroo Carry.
  • Poppins Carry.
  • Hip Cross Carry.
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How long is a size 2 baby wrap?

Sizing Guide for Woven Wraps

Wrap Size M Feet
2 2.7 8.85
3 3.2 10.49
4 3.7 12.13
5 4.2 13.77

Can I use a woven wrap for a newborn?

Woven wraps are a beautiful way to carry your baby. They can be tied for front, back and hip carries, and if you’ve loved using a stretchy wrap for your newborn and young baby, then a woven wrap will allow you to continue wrapping with a larger, heavier baby, toddler and child.

How do I choose a woven baby wrap?

A baby wrap should be woven and should be made in broken twill, herringbone, diamond or Jacquard weave. It is also very important that you actually like your wrap! Choose the fabric you want to wear, that suits you and your style. It should be a pleasure to wear the wrap.