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Does the word golf conjure up those stereotypical images of middle aged men in terrible pants?  Well step out of that labelled box with disc golf.  You get the thrill of testing out your accuracy and precision with Frisbees and wilder spaces.

Beginner Family Friendly ActivitiesRequire less than 2 HoursSpring Summer and FallLittle Skill RequiredCompetitive ActivitiesSpecialty Gear Required



Versions of disc golf have been around about as long as the flying disc (Frisbee is a trademarked name) but recently it is set up more formally with courses and competitions.  The premise is the same as golf where you move the disc from the starting point to the target basket with as few throws as possible.  There are many courses all over the world and most are free and public.  Find one near you through the Professional Disc Gold Association course directory.

Discs are smaller and heavier than usual so you will need to rent or buy some locally.  Most big box stores carry them or you could find a specialty shop to help you pick out the right ones for you.

Although it does not take much skill to get started, an 18 hole course is a bit long for young kids.  But even though we have never made it through a course, my kids enjoy it.

  • Beginner Family Friendly
  • Time: 6 hr+
  • Season: spring, summer, fall
  • Skill required: little
  • Accessible: no
  • Competition: yes
  • Specialty gear: discs
  • Water activity: no
  • Electronics needed: no

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