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Foraging allows you control of harvesting your own food and enjoying the distinctive, incomparable taste that you only find in the wild.  All without planting anything yourself!  The amount of edibles in your local area is more vast than you would even imagine.  You just don’t know where to look yet.








After a devastating plane crash, the lone man scraped out a living in the wilderness eating mud tasting roots and berries he hoped would not eventually kill him…..  Hollywood and our imagination gives us plenty of ammunition for such images but foraging can simply be picking wild mint from your own back yard.

We love trekking out with the kids to search for edible mushrooms with our kids.   These are the same kind of mushrooms you will pay top dollar to eat at a fancy restaurant and they are all ours for FREE.  Not what is better than that?

We’ve categorized this as a “little skill required” activity because many simple forage worthy plants are easy peasy to identify such as dandelion and mint.  But we caution that you must be positive in your identification.  Do not go out and eat whatever you find hoping for the best.  Pick up a book, find a local class, and start out easy.

  • Time: 15 min+
  • Season: any
  • Skill required: little
  • Accessible: yes
  • Competition: no
  • Specialty gear: optional, plant identification guide
  • Water activity: no
  • Electronics needed: no

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