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Nature photos are wonderful to put in your home but they pale in significance to the photos taken yourself of joyous times and adventures. With a camera in almost every pocket these days, it is easier than ever to take those memories home with you.

Beginner Family Friendly ActivitiesRequire less than 2 HoursAny Season ActivitiesNo Skill RequiredWheelchair AccessibleSpecialty Gear RequiredElectronics Required



Photos allow you to recreate your awe of majestic vistas or marvel at the intricate detail of each leaf over again.  There is really not skill needed to get started and any age can join in.  Just hand a child a camera and see the world through their eyes.   Just remember to bring extra batteries!

  • Beginner Family Friendly
  • Time: 5 min+
  • Season: any
  • Skill required: none
  • Accessible: yes
  • Competition: no
  • Specialty gear: camera
  • Water activity: no
  • Electronics needed: yes

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