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Standle Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

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Just as it sounds, stand up paddle boarding gives you a full body workout as you stand on a board and paddle in the ocean or along a placid lake.  A relaxing way to enjoy the scenery and explore the water in a new adventure.

Half Day ActivitiesAny Season ActivitiesLittle Skill RequiredSpecialty Gear RequiredWater Activities



Paddle boards look like a wide surf board but don’t require the technical skill of facing the waves.  You can just paddle along.  The perfect combo between a relaxing day on the water and a workout.  Plus, standing gives you the unique advantage of seeing what is under the water as well and the horizon and surrounding view.

Paddle boarding continues to gain avid users so look for local gear rentals near you.  You will need the paddle board and paddle and we also recommend a flotation vest and leash for safety.  The leash attaches from your foot to the board so you do not lose it.  You don’t have to pull out any special clothing unless you need a wet suit for cold water.

Since it requires good balance, a separate SUP may be most appropriate for kids 8+.  Make sure to look for a kid sized board when renting because those will be easiest to use.  Younger kids can sit on a board with an adult.

  • Time: 1/2 day+
  • Season: any
  • Skill required: little
  • Accessible: no
  • Competition: no
  • Specialty gear: paddle board, paddle, leash, flotation vest
  • Water activity: yes
  • Electronics needed: no

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