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Kiss the tread mill and neighborhood loop good bye! Take your run onto the trails for a varied workout and new challenge. I mean, the scenery alone is a good enough reason right? (Also called Mountain or Fell Running)
Beginner Family Friendly ActivitiesRequire less than 2 HoursAny Season ActivitiesNo Skill Required



I am not one for running at home or on the road but I don’t mind a good run down the trail. Not a lot of noise and car smell, just some greenery and me! It is amazing for any level too. Start with your kids on flat wide trails or crank it up with technical trails full of thigh burning hills.
Organized trail races have increased in popularity so you should be able to find one locally. 5-9K races are common but length really varies. Along the North Umpqua Trail you can join the NUT 50K & 100K which is described as “brutiful”. An apt description I think.
No special gear is required to start on well groomed trails. Special trail running shoes have more traction and better support and are recommended for rougher trails.

  • Beginner Family Friendly
  • Time: 10 min+
  • Season: any
  • Skill required: none
  • Accessible: no
  • Competition: no
  • Specialty gear: optional trail running shoes
  • Water activity: no
  • Electronics needed: no

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